Beaches of Lavreotiki

Lavreotiki is surrounded by beautiful beaches and picturesque bays that give you the feeling that you are on an island next to Athens,  it is a way out for many on the hot summer days.
We tell you about several beaches, discover the rest yourself !!!

from Lavrio to Charakas

Παραλία Πούντα ζέζα  Λαύριο

 Punta Zeza Beach

Beach with sand , sheltered from the north, accessible for families & with shade trees,
There is a car park.
There you find the children's camp
"xeniasto melisi"

Παραλία Λιμάνι του Πασά (Ποσειδωνία ) Λαυριο

Port of Pasa (Posidonia) Beach

Beach with sand, not smooth, windy, accessible for families & with shade trees, there is a soccer field & basket, parking on both sides of the beach.

Παραλία Ασημάκη  Λαύριο

 Asimaki Beach

Beach with sand, sheltered from the north, accessible for families, has a tavern, a restaurant, very close parking and a lot of accommodation.

Βαμβακούσης - Λαύριο


Beach with small pebbles, sheltered from almost all winds, there is not enough parking, and a dirt road around 500m. from the main road to the Vamvakoussi bakery where you can buy your coffee and cheese pie and go along the dirt road to the beach.

Παραλία Σουνίου Λαύριο

Sounio beach

To the beach below the Temple of Poseidon there are small beaches but hardly accessible. The beach of Sounio with fine sand, sheltered from the north, accessible for families, there are umbrellas for sunbeds (rented), There is parking, there are two very picturesque taverns with very good quality food & service, restaurant - hotel.
After your bath for ouzo in tavern " o Ilias" 

Παραλία Λεγραινών  - Λαύριο

Beach of Legerna

Between Sounion and Legaries there are small bays but they are not so easily accessible, in Legrena there is a beach with a small chalice accessible for families, with the Nautical Club in the center. Facilities are available in the village.
And the beach of Charakas follows the same recommendation

from Lavrio to Kaki Thalasa (Keratea)

Νησάκι Λαύριο


A small beach with black pebbles right after the new harbor where the ships depart are protected from the south.

Οξυγόνο Λαύριο


The next small beach with chalk is protected from the north, which is the place of winter swimmers

Θορικό Λαύριο


Under the ancient theater (for anyone who wants to combine a visit to the archaeological site and make his / her swim) there is plenty of parking

Αγία μαρίνα (Ντελένια)  - Λαύριο

Agia Marina (Delenia)

Until we arrive here from Lavrio there are small beaches with sand, pebbles, it is sandy for families, it is protected from north and south,

Τσονίμα Λαύριο


A small beach going to Vromopousi, we meet on the road with pebbles and sand,  parking for on the road

Καλοπήγαδο (Βρωμοπούσι)  - Λαύριο

Kalopigado (Vromopousi)

Sandy beach - gravel, protected in some places from the north, accessible to families, has umbrellas - sun loungers, as well as canteens, taverns, there is enough parking on the side of the harbor.

Παραλίες Πόρτο 9 - Βιέθι   Λαύριο - Κερατέα

Beaches of  Porto 9 & Viethi 

Two small picturesque coves with sand and pebble enough through the main street of this to obtain the necessities. Usually grasps the north wind,

Λιμανάκια Δασκαλιού  Λαύριο - Κερατέα

Limanakia Daskaliou

There are four ports (Vindi, Venios, Olives, Agia Marina) accessible by sand and pebble, some have running canteens and taverns, Usually grasps the north wind,

Παραλία Κακή θάλασσα  Λαύριο - Κερατέα

Beach of Kaki Thalasa

Organized beach (toilets, café-food, sunbeds) with mixed pebbles and sand,  it is not very large, there are parking around, taverns, cinema, athletic spaces.
Is affected by  the north winds,

* We inform you that we have no responsibility for any damage, theft or bodily injury in accessing and staying on the upper beaches because most of them do not have or have little infrastructure to host visitors to them.


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